Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall is in the air...

Favorite thing AM did this week

For AM's birthday last month, we got her a life-size stuffed dog. She loves dogs, but our unfenced yard, and other factors (i.e. Daddy doesn't want one) prevent us from having one. We thought this would be a decent substitute, at least for a few years. Anyway, the pup is a Husky, and when we told AM this, she promptly named him "Busky."

I cannot tell you how much she loves Busky...she sleeps with him in her crib, talks to him, drags him around the house by his ears, and gets right in his face to say, "Busky, you're a good dog. I love you, Busky." Here are some pictures of her loving Busky:
Favorite thing I read this week
Fall is in the air, so that means new television shows are on the air. I eagerly read my Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly to celebrate this exciting event. Next week starts most of the new shows, and my DVR is ready to go! The Office, 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother--oh, how I've missed you.
Favorite thing I saw this week
When driving AM to school today I saw a key sign of fall...literally. While sitting at a stop light, I saw at least four leaves fall from a nearby tree. And I don't think it was a sick tree--just a tree ready to embrace fall and forget the heat of summer. Hooray!