Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween, etc.

Favorite thing AM did this week

Last Friday we went to our local Boo at the Zoo with our friends the McDs for an early celebration of all things Halloween. AM was decked out in her hamburger costume, which she loves, her friend Q was a lion. Here are the adorable results. (Thanks to Natalie, who remembered her camera, unlike me!)

On the carousel, which goes backwards during Boo at the Zoo. Natalie and I had to sit this one out.

Having her Reese's Pieces treat!

After the hayride.

Favorite thing I watched this week

One more new show to tout this week, Modern Family. Okay, I watched the first episode of Modern Family a few weeks ago, and thought it was so-so. Seemed like it was trying too hard. But, you should never judge a sitcom by its pilot (a rule we should all observe). This week, I noticed that 3 episodes of Family had stacked up in the DVR, so I needed to take action. Matthew actually volunteered to watch an episode with me because he had read good things about it on, of all things, (the website for all things 'Bama). Well, we were laughing out loud. If you haven't watched an episode, we recommend #2 (about the bike), and #4 (which features, gasp!, Shelley Long of Cheers fame), which are available on In short, Modern Family is a little bit of Arrested Development (RIP, Bluth Family) and a little bit of The Office, but is definitely its own original show.

Favorite thing I read this week

AM informed me before bedtime one night this week that she wanted to read books from "up there." This refers to the shelf above her bed that holds the "nice books" (i.e. Mother Goose Treasury, A Light in the Attic, The Tales of Peter Rabbit, etc.). Without paying much attention to what I pulled down, I grabbed The Giving Tree. Ack, I forgot what a tearjerker that book is! Sweet? Most definitely! But I really had to go wipe my eyes after that storytime session. Needless to say, as much as I love this book, and its sweet message, The Giving Tree is back "up there."
Favorite thing I ate this week
Cookies. There's nothing better than a perfect cookie. A friend of mine and her husband have recently opened Icing on the Cookie, here in Bham. We sampled some of their beautiful cookies, and they are absolutely delicious too. Here is the website, Enjoy looking at the tons of fun patterns for various special occasions. They ship anywhere in the US, and for local orders they have a storefront right here in Homewood (Central Ave., right by my dentist's office, ironically). I had the chocolate chip, and let me tell you the package came with three large cookies. I ate one immediately, and hid the other two so no one else in the house would get to them. AM had a Roll Tide elephant, and ate the entire, gorgeous, frosted thing! She then proceeded to talk about her elephant cookie for several days. Can't wait for my next special occasion, so I can order some cookies!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Favorite thing AM did this week
We finally bit the bullet this week and converted AM's crib to a "toddler bed." Basically all this means is that the railing from one side of the crib is gone. But, to AM, this is a "big girl bed."
She did great the first 2 nights--went to sleep very fast in it, stayed in it all night, no tears. Last night I did hear her beating a path down the hall to our room at around 2am. She was soothed pretty fast though, and back to sleep within 10 minutes or so. Wish I could say the same for myself!

Favorite thing I watched this week
New shows continue to dominate my tv-time. Finally, this week brought the return of 30 Rock! It did not disappoint with an appearance by Steve Buschemi, and Tracy Jordan trying to get back in touch with his roots. Love him trying to talk to the custodian. This show deserves to win the Emmy every year.

Favorite thing read this week
Carl Hiaasen, who I briefly mentioned last week, is my current book obsession. We're not talking about any Pulitzer Prize literature here, but you can read his books fast, they are laugh-out-loud funny, and stocked with incredibly outlandish characters. I'm reading Skin Tight right now, but also recently finished Skinny Dip. Both hilarious and highly entertaining.
Also, in anticipation for our trip to Disney World, I've been perusing the local libraries for the best guidebooks. A few months back I checked out the one that lists the scare factors of all of the rides. But alas, it's now checked out when I need it most. This might call for a trip to Books-A-Million.

And now a new feature...
Favorite thing I ate this week
Let's face it, while pregnant, I am insatiable! Never full and always on the cusp of nausea--food seems to be the best cure. However, with this hunger comes great responsibility. So while pregnant (and perhaps beyond), I will pass along the best culinary treats I encounter each week.
This week, AM and I were running errands in Cahaba Heights. It was about 4pm, and we needed a snack, so we stopped in the new Yogurt Mountain.
This place is the BEST. Not only is the yogurt good, but it's all self-serve (or mommy-serve). You fill our own cup, choose your own toppings (everything from crushed oreos, fresh strawberries, whole pecans--my favorite), and then the cashiers weigh your cup. You pay 45¢/oz., and AM and I both got decent-sized servings for less than $5. We will definitely be back!

Wish us luck in our continued transition to the "big girl bed"!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Back...But Where Have I Been?

There is no good reason for no blog entry in three (almost four) weeks, other than I am a bit tired. I can blame this on a cranky, anti-sleeping toddler. You can also read more about said tiredness in the "Favorite thing I read"section below.

Favorite Thing AM Did This Week

Well, my least favorite thing AM has done this week is just about completely stop taking a nap! Argh! This is not good. We are trying to implement "quiet time" in place of the nap, but she's not real big on sitting in one place. On to more positive things...

This morning AM picked her own clothes out for school. She chose her favorite skirt (or dress as she calls it) from her Aunt Ann, her pigeon shirt from Auntie d & Uncle Drew, her black cat Halloween socks (from Grandmommy), and brown and pink sneakers. Quite an ensemble...see evidence below.

I am not sure if we will continue to choose our own clothes before school, but if she does I have a feeling I will be washing this skirt and shirt a lot.

Favorite Thing I Watched This Week

Where to begin?! New shows! Returning shows! DVR capacity at 95%! Being a TV junkie, Fall is my favorite time of year. As for returning shows, The Office has not disappointed, and I am eagerly awaiting tonight's "Wedding" episode.

As for new shows, I have two favorites, The Middle and Cougar Town. I'm a sucker for a sitcom, what can I say. Below is a clip from Cougar Town, in which Jules, a 40-something, newly single, real estate agent has reluctantly agreed to go out on the town with her 20-something friends. The cell phone photo montage makes me laugh everytime. Say what you want to about Friends, Courteney Cox is a comic genius.

Favorite Thing I Read This Week

In addition to two (yes, two) highly amusing Carl Hiaasen books, I also happened to read the following...

That's two (yes, two) lines. And that equals pregnant. So it looks like AM will have a little sibling sometime next year (early May). Wish us lots of luck!