Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Party!

Favorite thing AM did this week

We have had a busy week--lots of visitors, birthday greetings, and finally the 2-year birthday bash yesterday, complete with a Mo Willems Pigeon theme. AM had a great time, and considering we had a lot of toddlers in the house, there were a very limited amount of tantrums from both the kids and the grown-ups Here are some highlights from my camera. My mother-in-law took a lot more pictures, so I hope she has some of the children I missed getting photos of...
Pigeon Party

Favorite thing I read this week

My mom and I poured over the Mini Boden fall/winter catalogue this morning. They are always having great sales (i.e. "Buy 4, Get 1 for $1"), and their clothes are fantastic for little ones--cute, durable, AND easy to take care of. They also have clothes for grown-ups!

Favorite thing I saw this week

I saw (500) Days of Summer last Sunday, and it was great. It's a love story of sorts, but told out of order over the course of 500 days. I loved how it unfolded, and teased you with things to come, and i also thought it was pretty realistic. Plus, the soundtrack was excellent--lots of mopey British '80s stuff, with a little bit of upbeat Hall & Oates thrown in for good measure. Here's a link to my favorite scene (Note: The movie is NOT a musical, this is just Tom's reaction the morning after sleeping with Summer, the object of his affection).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, AM!

Favorite thing AM did this week

It's a big week for AM...she turns 2 today, and it's the first week of school. This year AM goes to school three days a week, instead of last year's two days. And since I only teach two days a week, everyone wins!

We've been talking about her birthday for a little while now. Anytime we say the word, "birthday," AM responds with either "cake!" or "I want cake!" Apparently in all of the birthday parties we have been to in the last few months, the only thing AM remembers about them is that cake was served! We have ordered a Mo Willems' Pigeon-inspired cake for her party next weekend. It's coming from Edgar's, the best bakery in town. I can't wait to see (and taste) it.

In other AM news, she LOVES socks. Not her own of course. In fact, she loves Matthew's the most. I was folding laundry the other day, and she pulled 2 of his socks out of the pile and pulled them on. Here is the result...

Favorite thing I read this week

I can't believe it took me so long to start Kathryn Stockett's The Help. I kept hearing friends talk about it, and reading rave reviews, but I had, for some unknown reason, put it off. Well, shame on me, because it is incredible. I read it in about four days. And it's Stockett's first novel, which makes it even better--think about all of the wonderful Southern literature still to come from this UA grad.

Favorite thing I saw this week

Instead of something I watched on the TV this week (which was pretty much limited to sports and reruns), I'll show you some shots of Asheville, NC's Biltmore, where Matthew and I visted last weekend. It was a nice long weekend trip for us. Not too long of a drive, and really beautiful scenery. Plus, it was not 90+ degrees, which is always a welcome relief after spending a summer in Birmingham!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hula hoops! Need I say more....

Favorite thing AM did this week
I have had a hula hoop for years, for the purpose of exercising. AM has recently taken an interest in it. She calls it her "lulaloop!" She doesn't QUITE have the skills of "lulalooping" down yet, but she's trying. Observe...

Favorite thing I have read this week

I finished The Art of Mending last week--a fabulous read. Elizabeth Berg's books are always good, but sometimes a little heavy. In other words, I have to take a long time in between her books, because they're a bit emotionally draining. Mending is no different. There are, however, two things that truly stood out to me about this book, 1) I was an English major, and I suppose, will always be one. Therefore the repetitive presence of Kleenex, handkerchiefs, etc. in this book was a lovely symbol for so much of what the book was about on a deeper level. Because of the wonderful professors I had in college (ahem, Dr. Ulrich, Dr. Casey, etc.), I am constantly looking for great symbolism in books I read. Thanks, Eliz. Berg, for keeping this search for symbolism alive within us English majors. 2) In the interview section at the end The Art of Mending, both the writer and interviewer repeatedly referred to the main character/ narrator as "unlikable." Crap. I really liked that character. AND identified with her. AND sympathized with her. Ack, I guess I'll just worry about my own "unlikable" qualities for a bit now.

Favorite thing I watched this week

Thank goodness I have "Weeds" and "Entourage" to get me through these bleak summer months. These are two shows I had pretty much given up on (based on last season's antics), but I kept both in the DVR rotation, just for kicks. Thankfully, neither have disappoionted lately, giving me something to look forward to during these dark days of summer televsion...P.S. Thank goodness once again for "Cheers" reruns--"Weeds" and "Entourage" alone cannot sustain a TV-junkie such as myself.