Friday, June 10, 2011

Beach Time and Good Shopping on 30A

Favorite place(s) I went this week

AM, Otto, and I spent a fun week in South Walton last week with the g'parents. Everyone had a great time, and both kids really warmed up to the sand and surf. Here's a video of AM in the surf (the seaweed was not as bad as it looks), a sand photo of Otto, and a shot of what the weather looked like most of the week!

While down there I found two fabulous new stores at Rosemary Beach. If you're in the area, you must go...Fitz and Emme, is a beautiful, energetic, and very comprehensive children's shop. I bought AM an adorable birthday dress and an "It's My Birthday" sash...let's see if I can wait until August to let her wear them! Additionally, the customer service at Fitz and Emme is outstanding! I bought a jon-jon for Otto, and didn't try it on him until we got back to Bham. It was too small, and I called and asked if I could do an exchange via mail. They said absolutely, and I had the right size in my mailbox in one week!

Almost right next door to F&E is a great bookstore and art gallery called The Hidden Lantern, It's much quieter than Sundog Books down the road in Seaside, and they have a nice selection of art books, and a fun children's section. Plus they do storytime once a week during the summer!