Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Back...But Where Have I Been?

There is no good reason for no blog entry in three (almost four) weeks, other than I am a bit tired. I can blame this on a cranky, anti-sleeping toddler. You can also read more about said tiredness in the "Favorite thing I read"section below.

Favorite Thing AM Did This Week

Well, my least favorite thing AM has done this week is just about completely stop taking a nap! Argh! This is not good. We are trying to implement "quiet time" in place of the nap, but she's not real big on sitting in one place. On to more positive things...

This morning AM picked her own clothes out for school. She chose her favorite skirt (or dress as she calls it) from her Aunt Ann, her pigeon shirt from Auntie d & Uncle Drew, her black cat Halloween socks (from Grandmommy), and brown and pink sneakers. Quite an ensemble...see evidence below.

I am not sure if we will continue to choose our own clothes before school, but if she does I have a feeling I will be washing this skirt and shirt a lot.

Favorite Thing I Watched This Week

Where to begin?! New shows! Returning shows! DVR capacity at 95%! Being a TV junkie, Fall is my favorite time of year. As for returning shows, The Office has not disappointed, and I am eagerly awaiting tonight's "Wedding" episode.

As for new shows, I have two favorites, The Middle and Cougar Town. I'm a sucker for a sitcom, what can I say. Below is a clip from Cougar Town, in which Jules, a 40-something, newly single, real estate agent has reluctantly agreed to go out on the town with her 20-something friends. The cell phone photo montage makes me laugh everytime. Say what you want to about Friends, Courteney Cox is a comic genius.

Favorite Thing I Read This Week

In addition to two (yes, two) highly amusing Carl Hiaasen books, I also happened to read the following...

That's two (yes, two) lines. And that equals pregnant. So it looks like AM will have a little sibling sometime next year (early May). Wish us lots of luck!


  1. Alice!!!!! I am so excited for you. Congrats!!!!

  2. Congrats! That is one great read!

    Also, I kinda like AM's outfit. She has a creative flair to her!

  3. Ann Monroe is so big in this picture! It really doesn't seem that long since I was there, but this photo tells me otherwise. We are of course THRILLED that we get to meet another niece/nephew/cousin in the spring! Hope you feel good. Feeling sick and chasing a toddler is really hard, I know.

  4. Congratulations! Also, AM has a fantastic sense of style. :)

    I'm really liking Cougar Town too. It's a really cute show.