Saturday, October 17, 2009

Favorite thing AM did this week
We finally bit the bullet this week and converted AM's crib to a "toddler bed." Basically all this means is that the railing from one side of the crib is gone. But, to AM, this is a "big girl bed."
She did great the first 2 nights--went to sleep very fast in it, stayed in it all night, no tears. Last night I did hear her beating a path down the hall to our room at around 2am. She was soothed pretty fast though, and back to sleep within 10 minutes or so. Wish I could say the same for myself!

Favorite thing I watched this week
New shows continue to dominate my tv-time. Finally, this week brought the return of 30 Rock! It did not disappoint with an appearance by Steve Buschemi, and Tracy Jordan trying to get back in touch with his roots. Love him trying to talk to the custodian. This show deserves to win the Emmy every year.

Favorite thing read this week
Carl Hiaasen, who I briefly mentioned last week, is my current book obsession. We're not talking about any Pulitzer Prize literature here, but you can read his books fast, they are laugh-out-loud funny, and stocked with incredibly outlandish characters. I'm reading Skin Tight right now, but also recently finished Skinny Dip. Both hilarious and highly entertaining.
Also, in anticipation for our trip to Disney World, I've been perusing the local libraries for the best guidebooks. A few months back I checked out the one that lists the scare factors of all of the rides. But alas, it's now checked out when I need it most. This might call for a trip to Books-A-Million.

And now a new feature...
Favorite thing I ate this week
Let's face it, while pregnant, I am insatiable! Never full and always on the cusp of nausea--food seems to be the best cure. However, with this hunger comes great responsibility. So while pregnant (and perhaps beyond), I will pass along the best culinary treats I encounter each week.
This week, AM and I were running errands in Cahaba Heights. It was about 4pm, and we needed a snack, so we stopped in the new Yogurt Mountain.
This place is the BEST. Not only is the yogurt good, but it's all self-serve (or mommy-serve). You fill our own cup, choose your own toppings (everything from crushed oreos, fresh strawberries, whole pecans--my favorite), and then the cashiers weigh your cup. You pay 45¢/oz., and AM and I both got decent-sized servings for less than $5. We will definitely be back!

Wish us luck in our continued transition to the "big girl bed"!

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