Thursday, May 14, 2009

Okay, here goes...

It seems everyone is blogging these days. Never being one to miss a bandwagon, I've decided to jump on.
Objective 1: Find a theme of said blog. How about "My favorite things?" It's so easy to take things for granted these days, but hopefully, this blog will make me think about specific things each week that make me happy, make me laugh, make me a better person, or, at least, make me take a moment and think!
Objective II: I have always been one to require an outline in order to write anything (even a grocery list). The blog is no exception, so here we go:

I. Favorite thing done by AM this week: AM is in a very "mommy" phase. When Matthew comes home, she has lately been a little shy, a little (drama!) scared, and a little skittish ("no, no, no!" when he reaches for her). It makes him feel terrible, but we all know how toddlers can be. However, today, I was on the phone with Matthew while he was at work. She knew who I was talking to, and starts saying, "Daddy, Daddy!" I give her the phone, and she says, "Hi, Daddy! I lowe you." [translation, "I love you."] It almost brought my manly-man husband to tears to hear that sweet thing. Hence, my favorite thing she has done this week!

II. Favorite thing I read this week: Ok, this is a bit of a stretch since I read it months ago, but because I feel this strongly about it, my favorite thing is The Well and the Mine, by Gin Phillips. Not only is Gin a fellow BSC c/o 1997-er; she is extremely talented and her story reads like butter. I loved her characters, and when I was done with the book, I craved to know more about the people she had created. I am waiting with baited breath for her next book.

III. Favorite thing I saw this week: I need to say nothing further than JT on SNL. If you didn't see it, go to, and watch the funniest thing that SNL has produced this year. Classic Peg. If you don't get that last reference, just watch the Target sketch from the show.

And this is how it will be, folks. Nothing more, nothing less. Alice's favorite things, in so many words. And occasionally some photos, once I figure out how to do that.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! The "mommy" phase was a bit tiring for us, too, but Bean has turned into quite the cuddle-monkey for both of us since.