Friday, November 19, 2010

It's been a long while!

I don't know why I have ignored the blog for (ahem) 6 months or so, but I am now back with a vow to be a better blogger. First thing's first, here are some recent photos. The first ones are of AM's Thanksgiving play at school. Her part was one of the "cookers," as she told me. The other pictures are just some I took of Otto in his walker the other day. He was being especially smiley, as he usually is when in his walker.

Favorite thing AM is now doing

I am loving two new things recently introduced to 3-year-old AM -- drop-off birthday parties and playdates. As I type this, AM has a little friend over. They are busying themselves by ridding the house of the Big Bad Wolf, and I am free to do whatever it is that I do. What a huge help to moms!

Favorite thing Otto is now doing

I am amazed at how fast Otto has turned from a stationary baby to a mover. He is practically crawling (not in a traditional sense, but he definitely gets from point A to point B), and loves to pull up to standing. He's six and a half months old, so I think I will have an early walker. Unless, of course, he becomes content to simply crawl.

Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone!

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