Sunday, November 22, 2009

Report Card!

Favorite thing AM did this week

AM got her first "report card" earlier this month. Hilarious! At her "school" (3 days a week, Mother's Day Out program) the 2 year olds get an assessment in October and March. AM did pretty good. They actually grade them on about 40 things. The grades are as follows: C = I Can Do It!, or a T = I'm Still Trying. Apparently AM is still trying to "respond well to discipline" (I did not need an assessment to tell me that), "take responsibility for personal items, i.e. lunch, trash, putting toys away," and (my favorite!) "staying in assigned center." So she's a rebellious, messy, busy body. What 2 year-old isn't?

In the Cognitive/Language Development area, AM received a T in "draws a face (no arms, legs, or proportion required)." Okay, maybe she's no Michelangelo yet, but she comes pretty close to famed American Abstract Expressionist Clyfford Still. See a comparison below.
AM's chalk on board Untitled (2009):

Clyfford Still's 1957-D, No. 1 (1957):

I know, as an art history teacher, I shouldn't encourage a comparison between kiddie art and the real thing, but you can't deny there is a similarity in the lines, no?

Finally, AM's last T came in "Hops on one foot." Seriously? I really want to meet the 2 year-old that can do this successfully. And I don't mean just standing on one foot, and shaking the other one in the air (as AM now does when we ask her to jump on one foot--not that we're pushing her to gain this skill).

One of my favorite Cs that she received was in "Knows that God made him/her." How cute is that? I know you will all be waiting with bated (baited?) breath to see how she does in March.

In other news, for those of you outside of the viewing area, or who have not done painstaking research on the internet to find the clip of AM on our local ABC morning show, here is a link to it. She did great...
That's us in the cover shot - red polka-dot pjs, arms in air. Happy hands! The pjs are Hatley brand, so soft, and the embroidered designs at Once Upon A Time (Crestline and Homewood) are adorable!

Favorite thing I saw this week
Dave Matthews' impersonation of Ozzie Osbourne on Saturday Night Live this weekend was too funny. Here's a link to it... Ozzie appears about half-way through if you want to fast-forward.

Favorite thing I read this week
See "Report Card" section above.
Favorite thing I ate this week
I am loving Blue Bell's Birthday Cake flavor ice cream. Our local Western Grocery sells it in the small party-size containers (12 to a bag), but I'm sure most larger chains carry it too. Our friend Nancy introduced me to it a few months ago, but AM saw it in the store this weekend and insisted we buy some. She hasn't had any yet...gotta love the 2 year-old's short term memory, but I've had a taste or two. According to the website, this is a "rotational flavor," so in other words, buy it when you see it, it might not be there next time!

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