Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two plugs

I know, I know, twice in one weekend?! Who am I?

Anyway, this is a special edition, plugging two things happening this week. It's mostly for local folks, but out-of-towners can read on too!
1) AM, along with 3 of her little friends will be on our local ABC 33/40's morning show tomorrow (8-9 a.m.) modeling Christmas pjs from the best baby store in town, Once Upon a Time AM's pair is made by Hatley (see them here, with an adorable appliqué from OUAT. She's done it once before, but it wasn't live. This time it is, so wish us luck!

2) This week is the Jr. League of Birmimgham's annual Market. Read more about it here, It's a fun, festive event, and the shopping is great. Retailers from all over the place coming together with their best merchandise under one roof. And tickets to the The Market support a good cause. Also, instead of being down at the BJCC, as in years past, this year The Market has moved to a shinier location, Cahaba Grand Conference Ctr, on Hwy 280.

Okay, enough promoting for one day!

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