Friday, April 23, 2010

Favorite thing AM did this week
AM is still getting geared up for her little brother's arrival in a few weeks. She likes to watch my stomach move, and sometimes tells me (and others) how her baby in moving her tummy too. Last week, as she was getting her hair cut, she looked down at the cape covering her, and said, "Hey! My baby is moving!" loud enough for half of the salon to hear.

AM has, despite her protests, begun to potty train. She had an accident last week, and for at least five minutes afterwards repeated, "I can't believe it, I can't believe it," with the most doom-and-gloom in her voice you have ever heard. I didn't fuss at her about the tinkle all over the dining room floor, but she still felt the need to be melancholy over it, to a bit of an extreme. Drama!

Favorite thing I saw this week
The ONB Magic City Art Connection is going on this weekend in Birmingham. The potential for bad weather has called it off for tomorrow, but they will be back in full swing on Sunday. I went today, and found cute prints for AM's "big girl" room by an artist from New Orleans, Rhonda Corley.
Her site has images of the prints I bought, check out "Letting Go," and "Big Poofy Dress."

Favorite thing I read this week
I finished Monuments Men, which was excellent, even though a little tedious at points. I started John Grisham's book of short stories, Ford County, which is fine so far. I haven't read a Grisham novel in about 10 years because I felt they were so repetitive. These short stories don't seem to be repetitive so far, and the characters are interesting, but straightforward. It's a fast read though. If I can still make it to the gym this week, I might even finish it on the treadmill.

Favorite thing I ate this week
One word, Dreamcakes. Our friend Jeanne introduced these fabulous cupcakes to us at our friend Dianna's ??th birthday last week. They are incredible. Why, you ask? They are injected with delicious frosting. My children's consignment shop is conveniently located next door to the bakery, so yesterday after getting my consignment check (woohoo!), I stopped in for a treat. I'm not sure that even being 38 weeks pregnant can justify eating that much sugar, but I did not care. Here is their site, with pictures of their adorable store!

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  1. I LOVE Dreamcakes! We had them for the first time for Hannah's bday last week. I had the strawberry and it was delicious! I hope you are going to call me next time you go so that I can run down the street and join you for a cupcake!