Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Report cards, library ghosts, bad ads, and cute cards

Favorite thing AM did this week

Now that the school year is almost over, AM has received her end-of-the-year assessment (a.k.a. report card). She has made great strides in "staying in her assigned center," "responding well to discipline and guidance," and "hopping on one foot." She still made a T (which translates to "I'm Still Trying") in "Drawing a face (proportion not required)," but as I asked in October, what 2-year-old can draw a face? We're doing good to even get stickers on the right places on a picture of a face, let alone draw it herself. Can't wait to see what the 3-year-old assessment tackles next year!

Favorite thing I read this week

On the cover of the Local section of The Birmingham News this morning was the following headline, "Paranormal group may search library for ghosts." Apparently the Homewood Library, which we frequent, has had reports of "strange occurrences" for several years, and it has even been written about in Stories from the Haunted South by Alan Brown. The voices of old women have been reported, as have flickering lights, and floating metal rods (not sure what a library needs with metal rods). As I said, we go to this library pretty often (including today), and I can't say that I have seen any of the described occurrences. I will say, however, that the pet mice in the children's room are very loud with their digging and such, and the fish in the aquarium are have a shifty look to them.

(Least) Favorite thing I saw this week

It's campaign time in Alabama. And with no less than 7 people running for governor, and an untold number vying for various supporting state roles, the TV ads are in full swing, as only they can be in Alabama.

In reference to these, for those of you who don't live in Alabama or within broadcast range of an Alabama TV station, I apologize for the national attention being given to this ad, and thus you having to watch it: For those of you who do live in our great state, or who can see this ad just across the state line, I commiserate with you, for having to suffer through it during what seems like every commercial break on every channel. I don't disagree with Candidate James' point (only give the driver's license exam in English), but I can't stand his delivery. And, the fact that all of these national outlets are picking this up (MSNBC, Yahoo), is just a bit embarassing. The only worse ads that are playing right now are these by the esteemed Roy Moore (scan down his home page, if you can stomach it):

Favorite thing I saw this week

Actually, it was a few weeks ago, but nevertheless...AM received the cutest Easter card from her Aunt Ann. I had to check out the company's other offerings, Click on their website to see the adorable cards and paper products they make!

Baby countdown...

Officially I still have 11 days to go, but good old Dr. Sharp has suggested I be induced early (yea!), so it looks like I have more like 6 days to go. I apologize in advance to the ice cream industry in Alabama, as they may notice a dip in sales after my delivery date.

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