Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Faffies!

Favorite thing AM did this week

I tell myself that we are truly trying to break the pacifier (a.k.a. the "faffie") habit, but AM is only growing more attached. She is only allowed to have a faffie in bed, but has lately insisted on "Two faffies!" when she goes to bed. Matthew went to get her from her nap the other day, and discovered she has even invented a way in which she can "hold on" to both faffies while sleeping...
Basically, she hooks the ring of one around the sucky-part of the other. The result looks a little like a pacifier-rhinocerus.
Favorite thing I read this week
Not much reading time this week, but I did manage to make it through an entire Real Simple magazine while on the bike at the gym this morning. I love that magazine, and this month it featured a cute article about a group of 7 friends who take turns planning a "surprise" trip for themselves each year. I love this idea, mostly because I like the idea of making sure you get together with your best girl friends on a regular basis, despite geographical obstacles. The surprise element would make me a little nervous, not because I'm a control freak, but because I love to plan! On the other hand, maybe it would be relaxing to know all details are taken care of (by someone else) ahead of time.
Favorite thing I saw this week
Kristi, my loyal movie-going friend, and I saw The Proposal this week. I'm not always in the mood for a rom-com, but this one was actually very cute. I did not regret splurging on the $9.25 ticket one bit. And Sandra Bullock's clothes in it were great!

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  1. Two faffies, that's hilarous! Fletcher had passies until he was 2 1/2; I'm kind of embarrased when I think of that now, but oh well. Your comments about reading Real Simple on the bike makes me think of my "exercise" at the gym. The kids are in the kids' room and I walk slowly on the treadmill while I read. It's not much better than just sitting on the couch in the locker room with a book but that would look funny. Love your blog!