Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We had a fun 4th weekend at the lake, and then came back in time for me to get some sort of bug. Feeling better now!

Favorite thing AM did this week

We are lucky to have numerous friends who love AM, and whom she loves back. Here's a picture of her doing "flips" with our friend Nicole at the lake. Poor Nicole was probably sore the next day because AM made her do so many of them.
As an aside, my least favorite thing AM did this week was figure out how to crawl out of her crib! And land face first on the floor. No damage done, just a little rugburn to the forehead. I didn't think it was time for a toddler bed yet, but perhaps it is...
Favorite thing I watched this week
From my Sunday morning sickbed I loved watching Federer vs. Roddick at the Wimbledon final. I always cheer for Federer, but I wouldn't have hated it if Roddick had won. I felt bad for him after he played so well for 70+ games. I wish he hadn't cried though.
Favorite thing I read this week
I finished Whistling in the Dark (see last post), and its ending was just as good as I had hoped it would be. Sometimes when I read a book I truly love, I have a hard time starting a new book. I'm trying to fight that by already starting my next read, Lake Wobegon Days. I was craving another small-town, down home, eccentric character-driven story. So far, it's not as good, but I'm hoping it picks up. (P.S. I know that Milwaukee, where Whistling in the Dark took place, is not a small town, but the neighborhood in the story felt like one)

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